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The Investment Coin

ArbiTraCoin is an independent self-regulated financial payment technology, which operates with no third parties like banks, governments or other institutions. ArbiTraCoin is completely open-source, so everyone can take part and everyone is completely independent like we all desire. The difference between Bitcoin and ArbiTraCoin is that ArbiTraCoin provides several investment opportunities with insider cryptocurrency information. The reason why the price will rise quicker than any other coin is because ArbiTraCoin uses completely new developed methods like Arbitrage software and trading signals so the users can increase the value of the invested capital exponentially by methods like Investment and Proof of Staking. Thus the demand will increase too, but the number of coins will be limited and stay the same.

Furthermore, ArbiTraCoin offers some features to its community, which makes the handling of the coin and the enlargement of the community much easier. For example ATC Fastlane offers a lot of help here. This feature allows users to send ATC from the backoffice to that of another user within seconds. Some investment opportunities and an attractive affiliate program highlight ArbiTraCoin.

A wide range of marketing material is made available to each user with just one click, which can be immediately shared on social media via download. For the marketing of the coin one is rewarded by a Bouty campaign, which is accessible through the backoffice. ArbiTraCoin provides each user with a unique opportunity to participate in an independent payment network, capitalize on the investment opportunities and enjoy the independence, freedom and anonymity that we all enjoy.


ArbiTraCoin works with a highly complex software developed especially for this coin which has a simple task. It looks for the current price of a coin (for example Bitcoin) on a stock exchange, where it is offered very cheap. At the same time, the software is looking for the stock market on which it is being offered the most expensive. Through a specially developed algorithm and the ability to serve many trades and lots of volume at the same time, this program is able to sell more expensive within seconds than the coin was purchased. With this technique, called arbitrage trading, it is possible to generate several percentages per day.

For more information check us out on coinmarketcap.com

ATC Success Elements

Investment Opportunities


Earn daily profits in the ArbiTraCoin Investment program


Earn monthly profits up to 16,6%/month just by holding your ArbitraCoins


Earn additional Bitcoins by telling other users about this opportunity. Our Affiliate Program contains 5 lucrative levels starting by 8% referral bonus from investment.


Buy ArbitraCoins at a lower price from ATC exchange and make profit by selling them at a higher price

ATC Investment Interest

How is ArbiTraCoin able to guarantee such interest? It´s made possible by a revolutionary Arbitrage Software combined with a optimized trading strategy, which is going to disrupt the whole industry in sonic speed.

Daily Interest

How can we guarantee the highest daily interest in the cryptocurrency industry? It´s made possible by a revolutionary Arbitrage Software created by us, combined with an optimized trading strategy, which is going to disrupt the whole industry in sonic speed.

Investment Calculation

As an investment platform we provide our investments as described above. Here you can calculate by yourself which profits you will receive with the given amount.

Investment Amount:


Rate of interest


Investment length




Total Cashback:


Mining vs. Staking

Mining Bitcoin costs more energy than the consumption of 159 countries combined and transactions now use so much energy that the electricity used for a single trade could power a home for almost a whole month, according to Dutch bank ING. The crypto industry shouldn’t ignore the economic, social, and environmental impact that cryptocurrencies might create, so we´ve decided to focus on the long run with staking to support the reason why crypto currencies have been invented in the first place - to make the world better.

ATC Staking

To get regular staking benefits and benefit from this opportunity, you need to download the ArbiTraCoin wallet for your operating system as soon as it is available. Then store your coins on your wallet and watch your investment grow, as the table below shows.

ATC Network

You will earn a commission every time a referral invests ArbiTraCoin on our platform through your affiliate link. The commission you earn is based on the level your partner signs in.